Yann Stoneman

Yann Stoneman is a AWS Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services with a focus on Generative AI and machine learning. Based in Cape Cod, MA, he specializes in serverless computing and cost-effective cloud solutions. With a background in software engineering and a blend of arts and tech education from Juilliard and Columbia, Yann brings a creative approach to AI challenges. He actively shares his expertise through his YouTube channel, blog posts, and presentations.

Kavana Venkatesh

Kavana Venkatesh would be talking about "Crafting Balance: The Dual-Edged Sword of Open-Source LLMs in the Quest for Responsible AI". This talk will dissect the complex dynamics of open-source Large Language Models, emphasizing their power to democratize AI and drive innovation against the backdrop of ethical challenges. This concise talk will outline strategies for harnessing the benefits of open-source LLMs while addressing critical concerns like bias and privacy, aiming for a responsible AI future.

Dei'Marlon “D” Scisney

DeiMarlon "D" Scisney is a AWS ML Hero with a Master's in Business Analytics, leads H.O.P Technology Solutions, a BI-POC-focused data and ML engineering firm. D will be talking about "Charting a Responsible Path: AI, Data Privacy, and Social Justice". The talk will explore the foundational principles of responsible AI development and deployment, emphasizing how data privacy can be a cornerstone of social justice. Participants will gain insights into actionable strategies for creating AI systems that are not only technologically advanced but also ethically grounded and socially beneficial.

 Reshmi Ghosh

Reshmi Ghosh is an Applied Scientist at Microsoft. Reshmi will discuss the multifaceted risks associated with deploying Large Language Models (LLMs) into production environments, providing an overview of the ethical, societal, and technical challenges inherent in advanced Generative AI technologies. She will also talk about the critical principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, and privacy, underscoring the paramount importance of developing AI systems that are in harmony with human values and ethical norms to ensure their positive contribution to society.